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The Coral Reef Targeted Research and Capacity Building (CRTR) Program is a leading international coral reef research initiative that provides a coordinated approach to credible, factual and scientifically-proven knowledge for improved coral reef management.

Coral reefs are the largest living structures on earth and the richest repositories of marine biodiversity. Coral reefs are also important economic assets for almost 100 countries around the world, however nearly two thirds of the world’s reefs are under severe threat from impacts such as economic development and climate change.

The CRTR Program is a proactive research and capacity building partnership that aims to lay the foundation in filling crucial knowledge gaps in the core research areas of Coral Bleaching, Connectivity, Coral Diseases, Coral Restoration and Remediation, Remote Sensing and Modelling and Decision Support

Each of these research areas are facilitated by Working Groups underpinned by the skills of many of the world’s leading coral reef researchers. The CRTR also supports four Centres of Excellence in priority regions, serving as important regional centres for building confidence and skills in research, training and capacity building.