5 Best Automatic Fish Feeders

Keeping fish can be one of the most rewarding pastimes and there are so many benefits to keeping fish that it’s hard to know where to begin. While fish don’t need to go for walks nor are they subject to typical pet maintainance, you still need to look after them.

This means cleaning out their tanks regularly, making sure they’re happy, healthy and not stressed out, decorating their tank and feeding them several times a day.

Several times a day? What happens if you’re at work and there’s no one at home to feed them? What happens if you go on vacation? Thanks to modern technology, there is such a solution known as an automatic fish feeder that can help. This is a piece of equipment you can set up in your tank and customize when you want it to feed your fish throughout the day.

This means you won’t have to worry about forgetting to feed them regularly and it’s the best piece of kit to have if you plan on going away. Today, we’re going to explore the five best automatic fish feeders to help you find the one that’s right for you.

Proche Digital Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquarium and Fish Tank

Proche Digital Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquarium and Fish Tank

Starting off our list, we’ve chosen the Proche Digital Automatic Fish Feeder, easily the most popular automatic fish feeder on the market right now and for so many good reasons. With this unique feeder, you’ll be able to set up to four custom feeding times a day with one or two rotations per feed.

This fully customizable setup is incredibly easy thanks to the design of the feeder, and the fact all the simple instructions are included. There’s even a manual setting for when you are at home and you want to feed them yourself.

This level of control continues with the ability to connect this feeder to your tank in one of two ways. This includes either sticking it to the wall of your tank or taping it to the tank cover. However you choose to install it, you must make sure it’s above the water level.

This battery-powered feeder comes with four batteries to get you started of which can last up to 3-months, ensuring your fish are always looked after, no matter how long you’re going away for. This feeder is affordable, works easily and simply, and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the leading models on today’s market!

  • Comes with batteries to get you started
  • Battery life lasts up to three months
  • Can set up to four custom feeding times per day
  • Digital LED screen so you can see exactly what you’re setting
  • None!

Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit

Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit

This is another extremely popular automatic fish feeding unit, this time a little bit more expensive than the Proche above, but it does come with a full range of features and settings that help to give you the best experience when it comes to accurately feeding your fish.

This single feeding unit can be set up and left to its own devices after you’ve followed the simple setup instructions, which are, of course, included with your purchase. Although the amount of food dispensed isn’t customizable, the portion sizes are decent and will minimize the risk of overfeeding.

However, you will be able to pre-program up to eight unique feeding times per day using the simple LED screen, all of which is splash-proof to prolong the overall lifespan of the device. There’s even a built-in fan and ventilation system that helps to keep the food dry and prevent any unwanted smells!

All in all, this automatic fish feeder is great and there are many more functions built into it to help you have the best-automated experience from the drum not stopping in a downward position, the 3-year warranty that comes with every unit. If you’re looking for the ideal solution, you may not need to look further than this.

  • Can program up to eight customizable and unique feeding times
  • Manual button for feeding outside programmed times
  • Easy to set up and navigate using LED screen
  • Integrated ventilation system and fan to help food remain dry
  • Cannot change the portion sizes

eBoTrade Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquarium and Fish Tank

eBoTrade Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquarium and Fish Tank

The eBoTrade Automatic Fish Feeder is one of the newest feeding devices to come to market, and it’s already making waves as being one of the best due to the large number of features and functions it has, and just how easy it is to use. This is everything you could want an automatic fish feeder to be!

Firstly, the feeder is capable of handling all types of food, including pellets and flakes, and can be used to set up to four unique feeding times per day. This is ideal for if you’re going away on vacation or busy for a weekend. The feeder is also incredibly easy to use thanks to the digital LED screen.

As with most premium feeders, this one even comes with a built-in fan and ventilation system to help the food stay dry and aired, rather than becoming stale trapped inside the device. This is a really great automatic feeder and it saves so much time and responsibility having to ask for a helper to feed your fish while you’re away.

What we love most about this device (in addition to the fact there’s really nothing bad to say about it), is the fact it’s ideal for all kinds of tank of all sizes, which is perfect if you own multiple tanks, or simply need one that suits your setup!

  • Integrated digital LED screen for easy set up
  • Ideal for large and small tanks
  • Built-in fan and ventilation to keep the food fresh
  • Splash-proof design
  • None!

Nicrew Automatic Fish Feeder with Integrated Fan Fish Food Dispenser

Nicrew Automatic Fish Feeder with Integrated Fan Fish Food Dispenser

Next up, we’ve chosen another awesome battery powered automatic fish feeder, this time being capable of supporting up to five unique feeding times per day with a customizable number of rotations, all the way up to three portions.

This gives you full control over the amount of food you’re giving your fish, making it ideal for minimizing the risk of overfeeding, while ensuring they have enough food that they need. This device is also capable of supporting pretty much every type of food, so you can simply use what you use already.

All the functions and settings are set and controlled through the simple-buttoned LED display which makes it easy to see exactly what you’re doing. What we really love about this feeder, however, is the clamp that allows you to effortlessly attach your feeder to your tank in a secure way that guarantees not to fall off.

Everything you need to get started is included, including the two AA batteries, meaning you can get started straight away without having to worry about anything else!

  • Comes with everything you need to get started
  • Supports up to five unique feeding times with custom rotations
  • Simple-to-use LED display
  • Can be used for all types of fish food
  • May not be ideal for tanks with lids (adjustments will be needed)

Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder

Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder

To conclude our list of the best automatic fish feeders available today, we’ve chosen this awesome little device from Fish Mate. This feeder is a little different from the rest but still makes things incredibly easy for you when it comes to automating the process of feeding your fish.

This circle dish is capable of holding up to 14 individual meals which you can set up yourself; ensuring you have full control over all the portion sizes. Of course, all kinds of fish food are supporting from pellets to flakes, so you won’t need to go out and buy different types of food.

You can then use the dial in the center of the device to set up to four customizable times during each 24-hour period; ensuring your fish are fed exactly when you need them to be. This device is battery powered and comes with a battery indicator, but while there’s no LED screen, the battery life is more than enough to keep you going for several months.

Furthermore, thanks to the simple design of the device, rather than dumping food into the tank like the others here, this one only pushes out a portion, which makes it far less risky that it could fail and dump a load of feed into the tank!

  • Unique circle design that pushes the feed into the tank
  • Can be installed by easily laying on top of your tank
  • Super long battery lifespan
  • Can support up to four unique meals per day
  • No digital LED screen
  • Limited on how many meals it can store compared with other feeders


There are plenty of automatic fish feeders out there to choose from, so much so that it can be hard to know where to begin. However, using our list today, any of the five fish feeders above make ideal choices that are perfect for keeping your fish happy and healthy while you’re away.

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