5 Best Pond Vacuums

How dirty is your pond? While this probably isn’t a question you ask often, the chances are it’s very much so; especially if you haven’t cleaned it in some time. While ponds are wonderful natural ecosystems, ponds tend to be closed off environments, which means any negative, toxic or harmful substances will be there to stay unless you clean them out.

This is where pond vacuums come into play. With a professional pond vacuum, you can clear out all the harmful organic matter that doesn’t need to be there, such as dead matter, fecal matter, external pollutants and debris, all while leaving the good stuff in there.

This is an essential process for any pond owners, especially if you’re keeping fish in there, such as relatively sensitive koi carp. By removing the toxic substances, your pond can be kept clean which promotes a healthy ecosystem, which ultimately leads you to have healthy, happy fish!

But which pond vacuum is best for you? Today, we’re going to explore the top five pond vacuums that are currently available, all while detailing everything you need to know when it comes to making the best purchasing decision for your individual circumstance.

Let’s jump right into it!

OASE PondoVac Classic Pond Vacuum Cleaner

OASE PondoVac Classic Pond Vacuum Cleaner

Starting off our list, we’ve chosen the OASE PondoVac Classic Pond Vacuum Cleaner. When it comes to pond vacuums and outdoor equipment, OASE is an extremely popular and reputable brand that’s been innovating products for over 10 years, and we can assure you this won’t be the only time you see them here!

Nevertheless, with this particular model, you’ll be able to enjoy a high-performance device despite the affordable price tag. This is a vacuum that balances the best of both worlds; affordability and functionality.

Taking a look at the specs, the PondoVac offers a maximum suction depth of 6ft (which is more than enough for most ponds) and offers a high-powered suction mode up to 59-inches. This is then accompanied by a 13ft hosepipe, so you won’t be struggling to get to all those hard to reach places.

As we said, this is one of the most popular vacuums on the market for a reason. This is even backed by a two-year limited warranty, which is ideal for giving you complete peace of mind that this is a product that’s designed to last the test of time.

While there are few little improvements that could be made, such as a longer drainage pipe and an automatic discharge function that happens every couple of minutes, these are features that can be easily overcome by playing around with your setup.

However, with a sturdy construction, a high-powered motor, reliable functionality and a price that’s suitable for all budgets, this is an ideal pond vacuum whoever you are, and one that you’ll have wished you brought years ago!

  • A super-affordable price tag
  • A fantastic balance of price and performance
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Maximum operating depth of 6ft
  • The drainage outlet pipe is a little short
  • A bit of a learning curve on setup

Koi Pond Monsta Pump Vacuum Filter System Cleaner

Koi Pond Monsta Pump Vacuum Filter System Cleaner

If you’re looking for something with a lot of kick and a ton of power, which is ideal if you’re cleaning out a bigger pond, or you just want one of the best levels of performance available, there may not be any need to look further than the Koi Pond Monsta Pump Vacuum Filter System.

As the title suggests, this vacuum is a monster when it comes to power and offers an incredible 6000-liters per hour operating suction. This is roughly four times more powerful than the average pond vacuum, which just goes to show the drive that this vacuum has.

In terms of suction itself, this vacuum is also capable of handling solid debris and substances up to 32mm in size. This is more than enough for the vast majority of pond debris and will be everything you need it to be without leaving you wanting more bang for your buck.

What’s more, there’s even a remote control on/off function, giving you complete freedom to move around to get the best angle while using it.

One downside of this vacuum is the sheer size of it. With so much power, this vacuum does need somewhere to store all the inner workings that make it possible, which does mean this is rather heavy and larger compared to other vacuums on our list. Nevertheless, this is a small price to pay for performance.

Other than that, you should be all good to go! For an affordable price best suited for serious pond owners or those looking to keep things spick and span easily, the Koi Pond outperforms other models and provides you with a great experience.

  • Capable of processing up to 6000L of water per hour
  • Suitable for sucking up solid debris up to 32mm in size
  • Integrated remote control on/off function
  • Rarely clogs up or gets stuck
  • A lot heavier than most other pond vacuums

BACOENG 9-Gallon Ultra Clean Pond Vacuum

BACOENG 9-Gallon Ultra Clean Pond Vacuum

If you’re looking for a pond vacuum that provides you with the easiest experience so you can just get there and get the job done, BACOENG is a fantastic choice that makes this entire process as simple as possible; all for a great price.

Regarding the vacuum itself, this device offers a high-performance 1200w motor with enough suction power to handle pretty much any debris that comes before you, especially on small to medium-sized ponds. You can even use this to clean your swimming pool!

Included with your purchase, you’ll find everything you need to get started and operating, including a 13ft suction pipe, a 5ft discharge pipe, multiple attachments and pipes for customizing your experience, a HEPA filter to keep everything clean and hygienic, and all the instructions that show you how simple everything is to use!

What’s more, built directly into the device you’ll find two operational modes – manual and automatic – which are designed to give you full control over how you use your device. Even more positively, this is one of the most affordable vacuums on our list, making it ideal for anybody, even those shopping on a budget!

With high-performance settings and functions that help you get the job done, an outstanding customer support team that can help you if you have any questions at any time of day, and highly-rated reviews across the internet, what more could you ask for in your pond vacuum?

  • Comes with every you need to get set up and clean your entire pond easily
  • Easy to set up and comes with instructions to get you started
  • One of the most affordable pond vacuums around
  • Two operational modes that give you full control
  • None!

OASE 50409 PondoVac 4 Pond Vacuum Cleaner

OASE 50409 PondoVac 4 Pond Vacuum Cleaner

Heading back over to the leading OASE brand now for another fantastic pond cleaner that’s one of the most popular among customers around the world. As expected from OASE, this is another high-performance model, this time for those who take their pond cleanliness seriously!

Let’s look at the specs. Included with your vacuum, you’ll find a huge 16ft suction hose, which is ideal for getting into all those hard to reach places, complete with an 8ft discharge hose, which is perfect for making sure you don’t lose too much water; a common problem with some pond vacuums.

Overall, this vacuum is capable of working to full capacity up to an impressive depth of 7ft and can run max-out at 1300-gallons per hour, which is far more than most traditional vacuums. This is accompanied by a 1800W motor, and of course, this device comes with OASE’s standard 2-year limited warranty.

As you can see, this is a vacuum that packs a punch. The only downside is the premium price tag, but with all the features and functions on offer, there’s no denying this is a professional tool for getting the job done right the first time — worth every cent to those who want the best experience possible.

  • Huge 1800-watt motor
  • Available in multiple pack sizes
  • Can process up to 1300-gallons of water per hour easily
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty
  • The premium price tag

Matala Power-Cyclone Pond Vacuum with Dual Pump System

Matala Power-Cyclone Pond Vacuum with Dual-Pump System

Last, but certainly not least, we have this awesome pond vacuum from Matala. Another extremely popular and highly rated vacuum, this one goes above and beyond the call of duty, all while remaining affordable for anybody, even those shopping on a budget!

Although this is a Pondovac design, this vacuum uniquely comes with two built-in pumps. This means you can continuously vacuum and discharge at the same time, meaning you can get the job done just as effectively, but without having to wait for the discharge to happen, sometimes cutting the job time in half!

In terms of performance, this is a vacuum that’s capable of processing between 1200 – 1500 gallons per hour and can work up to 18ft thanks to the motors and the 25ft suction hose. All in all, this is a great all-rounder that gives you the professional, high-quality experience you’d expect!

  • A great price suitable for everybody
  • Can process between 1200 and 1550 gallons of water per hour
  • Comes with two built-in motors for maximum efficiency
  • Comes with all pipes and accessories included!
  • Can only be used in 5-7 minutes sessions because the motor needs to cool down


As you can see, when it comes to keeping your pond clean, there are plenty of high-powered and well-designed vacuums that can help you get the job done quickly and properly. Now all you need to do is go through what’s here and pick the one that’s best for you!