4 Best Wall-Mounted Aquariums

Blank walls in our houses are no fun. Imagine walking around your house and seeing nothing but paint and wallpaper. No pictures, no television, no ornaments. Just blank space. Can you really call your house a home if it doesn’t reflect who are you?

Thanks to modern product innovation, mounting an aquarium fish tank on your wall has never been easier, nor more affordable. In fact, there are a ton of wall-mounted aquariums out there you can choose to add a whole new dimension to your home available right now.

If you’ve got the perfect space in your home which seems ideal for keeping one of the most popular types of pet, then you’ve come to the right place as today, we’re going to explore the very best four wall-mounted aquariums out there to help you find the one that’s right for you.

We’ve taken everything into account, including ease of use, functionality, size, and of course price, giving you everything you need to know to find the ultimate fish tank for your wall. Let’s get started!

Fish Bubble Deluxe Acrylic Wall Mounted Fish Tank

Fish Bubble Deluxe Acrylic Wall Mounted Fish Tank

To kickstart our list, we’ve chosen this super-affordable wall fish tank that measures in at 1-gallon, making the ideal and lightweight choice if you’re looking for something simple. This particular tank is made from high-quality acrylics that is not only incredibly strong but also a lot clearer than glass.

This means you’ll be able to fully enjoy your fish at all times of the day, and you can clearly see everything that’s going on inside your little aqua habitat. What’s great about this tank is the fact that it’s so small and easy to look after.

There’s no filter or pump to maintain, so although you’ll need to clean it regularly, this isn’t like a full-sized tank and won’t take you hours. The tank itself is around 10-inches deep and roughly 5-inches wide, making it ideal for all smaller types of fish, including goldfish, bettas and more!

What we love about this tank is the fact it comes ready with a drilled hole, so all you’ll need to do to set it up is find where you want to put it and put a screw through it. Furthermore, to help you get started in the best possible way, this tank comes with a load of bonuses.

This include 1-pound of decorative rocks and a fake yet seemingly realistic plant. This helps you get started on the decoration, and you won’t need to spend any extras. General maintenance of the fish is also effortless thanks to the hole at the top where you can easily drop the food in as you pass by or use an aquarium vacuum.

Whether you’re buying this tank for your house, as a gift or even for your office, it’s sure to be a great addition to any wall space, and always makes for a great conversation starter.

  • Made from high-density acrylic materials for best strength and visibility
  • Comes with a range of decorative items
  • Easy to feed fish thanks to the hole at the top
  • Comes with a pre-drilled hole for easy wall mounting
  • None!

Fish Bowl Acrylic Hanging Aquarium Wall Mounted 3-Liters Pet Fish Tank

Fish Bowl Acrylic Hanging Aquarium Wall Mounted 3-Liters Pet Fish Tank

Another wall-mounted tank here made from top quality acrylics, this fish tank is another ideal choice if you’re looking for a quick and easy tank that you can be set up within a matter of minutes. Just as the Fish Bubble tank above, this one comes with a pre-drilled hole ready for you to install.

This tank is slightly smaller than the last, measuring full around the 3-liter mark (0.7 gallons), but this just helps to make it lightweight on your wall. It’s still big enough for all your favorite small fishes and plants as well!

Thanks to the acrylic materials, this tank is super strong, perfect for holding decorations in it, and extremely clear in kinds of lighting conditions. Unfortunately, however, this tank doesn’t come with decorations, so this will need to be purchased separately, although it’s very affordable when brought online.

Nevertheless, everything else is included, including the screw you’ll need to fix it up! Again, there’s really nothing negative to say about this tank. Wherever you look it has raging reviews, a great customer team in case you receive a unit that’s cracked or scratched, and it looks great no matter where you end up mounting it!

  • Comes with everything you need to install and mount your tank on the wall
  • Capable of holding up to 3-liters of water
  • Made from super strong and clear acrylic materials
  • Easy to fill up, feed your fish and clean thanks to the opening at the top
  • Doesn’t come with decorations

Fish Bubbles Brushed Aluminum with Deluxe Wall Mounted Fish Tank

Fish Bubbles Brushed Aluminum with Deluxe Wall Mounted Fish Tank

The second entry from the Fish Bubbles brand, this is a wall-mounted tank that oozes quality and style, so if you’re looking for a tank that really adds a bit of spark to your wall space and adds a true focal point to any room, it doesn’t get much better than this.

What we really love about this aquarium is the fact it comes with the durable and highly attractive brushed aluminum border effect. This is an awesome touch to the fish tank and even though the tank is incredibly affordable (since this effect is added on via a sticker), it still really looks the part and how you’d imagine a premium fish tank to look.

In terms of specifications, this tank is around 4-inches deep and capable of holding up to 3.7 liters of waters, which is more than enough for 3-4 small fish. Thanks to the built-in mounting section, you can practically hang with piece anywhere at home or even at work, and it’s sure to start conversations wherever you choose.

What we really like about this tank is the attention to detail. While you don’t get any decorations with this tank (although you can find any kind of affordable decoration online or in your local pet store), it does come with a background photo that you can use to hide the color of the wall behind.

This creates a much more dramatic effect that you’re sure to love. The only downside is the fact this tank is made from plastic rather than acrylics or glass, but this is still durable enough to hold your fish and the water, although you’ll just have to keep on top of cleaning it.

Apart from that, this is a great wall-mounted aquarium that you’re sure to fall in love with instantly. Now all you’ll have to do is pick which fish you want to fill it with!

  • Really easy to set up and mount onto any wall
  • Comes with a background sticker to add depth to your aquarium
  • Comes with a nail to hang it up straight away
  • Capable of holding 3-4 little fishes
  • The brushed aluminum effect is a sticker, not metal
  • Made from plastic rather than acrylics

YooYoo Creative Acrylic Hanging Wall Mount Fish Tank Bowl Aquarium

YooYoo Creative Acrylic Hanging Wall Mount Fish Tank Bowl Aquarium

The final wall-mounted fish tank aquarium we’ve chosen today is from YooYoo, a lovely affordable tank that’s ideal for both plants and fish and could even be used to hold crabs or create your terrariums.

While this is one of the cheapest tanks, it’s also one of the largest, measuring 7.7-inches yet still remains light enough to hang on any indoor or exterior wall, brightening up your property using a natural solution.

As you would expect from a quality tank, this one is made from durable acrylic materials, which are renowned in the industry for their long lifespan and highly transparent properties, ensuring you always have the best view of your pets.

Installation and mounting have also been made super easy thanks to the pre-drilled hole, this time having been designed to be wide enough, so you can simply drill the screw in for the best fit, regardless of the size of the screw you’re using.

What’s more, thanks to the depth and open size of the tank, it’s also incredibly easy to clean via the hole at the top. This handy little feature also makes feeding a breeze. In short, there’s really no downsides to this tank and you’re sure to fall in love with it the moment you start using it!

  • An incredibly affordable wall-mounted fish tank
  • Easy to install and mount thanks to pre-drilled hole
  • Made from super transparent acrylic materials
  • Hole in the top for easy feeding and cleaning
  • None!


While you may believe that a wall-mounted aquarium is a luxury reserved for the super-rich, this needn’t be the case. Whether you’re buying yourself at home or at work, or even as a gift to a loved one, any of the four awesome fish tanks above will make the ideal choice.