5 Best Betta Fish Mates

A betta fish, more commonly known as a ‘Japanese Fighting Fish,’ is easily one of the most popular, and most spectacular fish to keep in your aquariums. However, while there are plenty of guidelines you should follow when it comes to keeping multiple bettas in a tank; that doesn’t mean you can’t invest in a community tank.

A ‘community tank’ refers to an aquarium with multiple species of fish in it but having a betta does mean a lot of fish are out of the question simply due to the fact the betta can be dangerous to them. Whether you want to give your betta some companions, or you simply want to liven up your tank, there are plenty of safe options available.

Today, we’re going to explore five of the best betta fish mates that you can safely introduce to your aquarium. Of course, each betta has their own personality, and you should always monitor the tank for the first 72 hours to ensure compatibility, but these species have been proven time and time again to be safe friends.

Each of the fish species we mention below should be kept in the same conditions as a betta which includes an average pH that falls between 7.0 and 8.0, and a typical tropical water temperature around the 78°F mark.

Live Water 2.5-Inch Clown Peco Tropical Fish

Live Water 2.5-Inch Clown Peco Tropical Fish

Clown Peco fish can be a fantastic addition to any betta aquarium for a number of reasons. Most notably, there are incredibly easy to look after and are perfectly suitable for both beginners and advanced aquarium keepers alike.

These fish are available in a multitude of colors and sizes, but typically boast a brilliant brown/black body highlighted with orange and white strips. This ensures a vibrant and attractive aquarium alongside your beautiful betta.

You’ll need a 15-gallon capacity tank to home these fish adequately, but always make sure you purchase the Clown variety, not the Common, since these are capable of growing up to two feet in length! This won’t be a problem with the Clown species since these average out around the 4-inch mark.

Clown Pecos are renowned for their hardy personas and will even enjoy an impressive lifespan of up to 10 years! Thanks to this hardy build, even if your betta does get slightly agitated by the introduction of a new fish, or simply curious about taking it on, that’s nothing the Clown Peco can’t handle!

  • A beautiful, vibrant brown and orange pattern
  • Capable of living up to 10 years
  • Hardy against betta attacks and tank impurities
  • Extremely easy to care for and look after
  • Not suitable for smaller aquariums

Kuhil Loach 2.5-Inch Live Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Kuhil Loach 2-Inch Live Freshwater Aquarium Fish

Thanks to the Loach’s typically docile and relaxed personality traits, a Kuhil makes an ideal companion to a betta fish. If your betta feels stressed out by the introduction of this new species, it’s extremely rare that it’s going to provoke or engage in any physical aggression.

What we love about the Loach is its long, eel-like body which you’ll marvel at watching as it slips in and out of tiny crevices and holes. If you’ve got a highly decorated tank with logs and stones that create lots of exploring spaces, the Loach is going to quickly call your tank home.

Loaches also tend to be quite solitary by nature and will infrequently engage with your betta. This is ideal for companionship, but just enough that the betta can go about his business without feeling violated.

This variety of fish will need to be housed in a tank of around 20 gallons or above, and be aware if you have sand lining the bottom of your tank, the loach will try to burrow into it, causing sand to flick up into other fish and potentially your filter system; so it may be best if you have gravel.

Loaches are really easy to look after, especially for beginner and intermediate aquarium keepers, and not much of a challenge in any sense of the word; making this another ideal choice for all kinds of aquarium.

  • A really easy fish species to look after and care for
  • A solitary nature that will leave your betta alone
  • Great for eating excess shrimp-like species
  • Entertaining to watch explore your tank
  • May not be a skillful challenge for advanced aquarium keepers
  • Can dig into sand substrates and cause disturbances

Female Betta Tropical Live Aquarium Fish

Female Betta Tropical Live Aquarium Fish

One of the best additions you can introduce to your betta tank is, of course, another female betta. However, it’s extremely important that you introduce a female betta to another female betta, and not to a male as this will cause fatal problems.

Nevertheless, introducing five or more female bettas together is known as a sorority, and these groups of bettas can live together without problems. It’s always a good idea to get young female bettas who can learn to live together, rather than older ones who are used to being on their own.

Just like all kinds of betta, female ones can become stressful and violent at a moment’s notice, so you’ll need to make sure you provide lots of spaces for the fish to explore and hide in. Rocks, logs and grass are ideal for this. You’ll also want to keep an eye on them as much as possible.

However, while this level of maintenance might be slightly more proactive than the other species listed here, the reward of having a beautifully stunning aquarium full of color and life is like no other, and these are one of the best ways to create an awe-inspiring aquascape.

  • Capable of living with five or more female betta fish
  • Beautiful colors and patterns for a creating a vibrant aquarium
  • Relatively easy to look after and maintain
  • Fish come with a 7-day live-on-arrival guarantee
  • Can still be temperamental and unpredictable
  • Will reduce the chances of introducing other species into your aquarium

Eco-Friendly Luffy Marimo Moss Balls

4 Eco-Friendly Luffy Marimo Moss Balls

While this isn’t directly a species of fish, Luffy Marimo Moss balls are ideal mates for bettas that can provide them with a much more interesting tank to explore without the dangers or stresses of introducing another fish. These are ideal for bettas who are particularly territorial.

These are really awesome plants that guarantee to add a new sense of depth and visual appeal to your tank. The little balls of moss are also so dense, they’re basically impossible to destroy, which makes them ideal for beginners and populated aquariums.

The Marimo balls also provide a great range of benefits to your tank. These include increased oxygen production, reduction in algae, reductions in nitrates, and they can even survive and keep growing up to 100 years!

Furthermore, unlike some aquarium plant species, these adorable balls of fluff averagely grow around 5 millimeters a year, so there’s no chance of them growing out of control and swamping your tank!

  • Low cost and easy to look after
  • Can survive and grow up to 100 years
  • Eat nitrate and increase tank oxygen levels
  • Hardy and basically indestructible
  • Will need to check for worms and other insects upon arrival

Mystery Snails - 5 Multi-Variety Combo Pack

Mystery Snails – 5 Multi-Variety Combo Pack

To finish off our list of the best betta fish mates, we, of course, have the mystery snails. It doesn’t matter whether your betta is highly aggressive and territorial, or docile and friendly, a pack of mystery snails is a calm and relaxed companion that guarantees a minimal increase in stress.

With a combo pack, you’ll be treated to five unique varieties of snail. These range from gold and black colored shells, to more unique shades of ivory or blue. Thanks to their small size, these snails are ideal for any size tank around 5-gallons or above.

Suitable for both female and male betta tanks, these snails are perfect thanks to their low reproduction rate, ensuring your tank won’t become overpopulated, and their ability to help keep your tank clean and algae-free.

Of course, bettas being bettas, your fish will probably have a little curious bite at your snails, but thanks to their hard-shell protection, this won’t cause any problems. Ideal for beginners, these snails can grow up to 2-inches in size and typically have a lifespan of around a year.

We love aquarium snails because there’s nothing better than taking your time to watch them slide around all areas of the tank, coming up for air and waggling their little stalks around as they see what’s going on.

Surprisingly to many, snails do come with their own curious personalities, which ensures entertainment and intrigue for months to come.

  • Minimal risk of overpopulating your tank through reproduction
  • Suitable for all size tanks 5-gallons and above
  • Perfect for all aquarium keeper skill levels
  • Hard protective shell to minimize betta damage
  • None!


While purchasing another fish for your betta’s home may seem, at first, out of the question, there are plenty of great options out there for you to choose. Any of the five fish mates we’ve listed above are ideal for keeping your betta company; you’ve just got to pick which one is right for you!