5 Best Rimless Aquariums

One of the ultimate reasons why someone, such as yourself, invests in an aquarium is because it can bring so much light and energy into a living or working space. Not only can a beautiful tank bring a room to life; fish are also fantastic pets to keep.

While there are lots of different kinds of fish tank out there, if you’re looking for the best in terms of aesthetics, a rimless aquarium tank is the only way to go. Simply put, a rimless tank is a fish home made entirely of silicon and glass materials.

Unlike traditional tanks with thick outer edges that block and distort your view of the inside, a rimless tank allows you to see into your underwater haven effortlessly and with compelling detail. If this sounds like the kind of tank you’ve after, these are our five best rimless aquariums available today.

JBJ Rimless Desktop 10-Gallon Flat Panel Aquarium

JBJ Rimless Desktop 10-Gallon Flat Panel Aquarium

The JBJ Rimless Desktop Aquarium is a modern and stylish choice that’s been designed to be ideal for the amateur hobbyist tank keeper. Not only is it a great medium size, measuring in at 10-gallons which is plenty of room to home all your fish.

It even comes with everything you need, including a 2-channel light for increasing the visibility of your tank, and a 3-stage filtration system that keeps your tank cleaner for longer. In terms of visibility, we believe this tank excels.

This is all thanks to the low-iron, high-clarity glass which ensures crystal-clear viewing, no matter the angle you’re looking at it from. In short, this is a really beautiful fish tank you’re guaranteed to fall in love with instantly; even more so when you make it your own.

Overall, there’s really nothing bad to say about this tank, especially if you’re using it as a basic tank. For more advanced and experienced fish keepers, you may want to replace the standard filter and LED to a model of your choice; but if you’re too fussed, the JBJ is ideal.

  • Comes with a 2-channel LED and 3-stage filter
  • Low-iron glass for maximum clarity
  • Rimless for optimal viewing angles
  • 10-gallon capacity
  • Too basic for an advanced fish keeper
  • The filter doesn’t surface skim too well

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Carolina Biological Supply Company Aquarium Tank (5.5-Gallons)

Carolina Biological Supply Company Aquarium Tank (5.5-Gallons)

If you’re looking for a no-frills attached aquarium tank that basically provides just a tank for you to customize to your heart’s content, but still remains affordable, the Carolina Supply Company may have everything you need.

Since this is a near-rimless tank, you’ll enjoy maximum visibility thanks to the unobtrusive silicon seas, which is then accompanied by the triple-strength clear glass. This makes sure the tank doesn’t break or leak, and they can reportedly last for many years.

While this doesn’t come with any extras like lights and filters, this is still a great choice for fish keepers of any experience level because you can choose whichever products and devices suit your budget or preferences!

What you’ll also really like about this tank are the manufacturers. The customer support team is outstanding, and you really couldn’t wish for a better customer-centric experience. Any problems with your tank, Carolina Supply Company will be happy to help have the best time with your tank.

  • World-class customer service experience
  • Tank arrives packaged securely and safely
  • Ideal for any fish keepers
  • Made from triple-strength glass
  • Doesn’t come with any extra accessories

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Ultum Nature Systems 3N Clear Rimless Tank (2.9-Gallon)

Ultum Nature Systems 3N Clear Rimless Tank (2.9-Gallon)

What makes the Ultum Nature Systems 3N tanks so special is the fact they’ve been produced using special Diamant glass. This is renowned for boasting a 91% clarity rating which creates extraordinarily transparent glass without that typical green coloring some glass has.

Couple this with the rimless design and low-iron materials, and you’ve got one of the most visible tanks around. In short, this is one of the best designs for creating beautiful aquascapes and fish wonderlands that you and everyone else in your home will love. It’s tanks like these ones that make it possible to create such masterpieces.

To create a true rimless edge, each side is fixed using a 45° mitered edge and then finished with highly clear and outstandingly durable German silicon. While this doesn’t come with any essential tank features like a filter or lights, it does come with a leveling mat, so you can ensure your tank is set up nice and straight.

All in all, there are three tank sizes available; 2.1, 2.9 and 4.6-gallon, so while there isn’t the option to create something huge or home bigger fish, these tanks are ideal for small homes or cozy work/desktops. It’s easy to see why these tanks are so popular around the world.

  • 91% clarity Diamant glass with low-iron content
  • Fixed with 45° edges for ultimate rimless design
  • Held together with exceedingly strong German silicon
  • Comes with a leveling mat
  • Not available in sizes over 5-gallons
  • Doesn’t come with tank features like filter or lights

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SCA 66 Gallon Starfire Rimless Aquarium with PNP System

SCA 66 Gallon Starfire Rimless Aquarium with PNP System

While we’ve currently been looking at the sort of tanks anybody can use and keep in around their home, now it’s time to cater for those of you who are looking for something big, something impressive, and something you can really dedicate your time and energy to.

The SCA Rimless Aquarium is a whopping 66-gallons in total, giving you a ton of room to create and play with your aquascape just the way you like it. Thanks to this colossal size, you also have the ability to home much bigger fish than your typical fish tank, as well as housing a more diverse range of species.

This all comes together to create a beautiful underwater paradise that you’ll be proud to call your own. However, not only is this a virtually rimless design, complete with 10mm-thick high-visibility glass, it also comes with a built-in overflow system and the renowned PNP system.

This stands for ‘Plug and Play,’ which means you simply have to plug your tank into the wall, add water and fish, and the fish tank will run itself. Everything including filters, return lines, all the tubes, and pipes, and pumps, etc. are already set up and ready to go. The only thing you will need to get yourself is lighting!

While this tank setup is one of the most expensive, this is because it does also include a custom stand.

This in itself is an awesome piece of equipment which is strong enough to support the large tank, comes with storage space for all your belongings, and is available in multiple sizes, heights, and colors. This truly is a complete experience.

  • A huge 66-gallon tank for creating a large aquascape
  • Comes with everything including filters, pumps, and cables
  • Built-in overflow system
  • Comes with a standalone cabinet for supporting the tank anywhere
  • Doesn’t come with any lighting equipment
  • A pricey solution

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Landen 60P 17.1-Gallon Rimless Low-Iron Aquarium Tank

Landen 60P 17.1-Gallon Rimless Low-Iron Aquarium Tank

To finish off our list, we’ve chosen the highly popular Landen Rimless Fish Tank. Measuring in at 17.1-gallons, this is a fantastic tank for owners who want something big enough to have creative freedom, but also small enough that it doesn’t get in the way.

This particular model is produced using 6mm thick glass with boasts a low-iron content for maximum clarity and visibility. The tank has then been completed with a professional finish, 45° mitered joins and clear, highly durable silicone seals; ensuring the ultimate rimless design offering 91% transparent perspectives into your tank.

Each purchase even come with a black Nano-foam leveling mat, so when you’re setting up your tank, you can make sure it’s nice and level and ready for your custom aquascapes. In short, there’s really nothing negative to say about this tank.

It comes in a great size for an affordable price that suits all budgets. Granted, it doesn’t come with filters, pumps or lighting, but this is again reflected in the price, and you have the ability to invest in the products that best suit the aquarium you’re trying to create.

This tank is a testimony to quality craftsmanship, and there are no reports of any of the tanks arriving damaged due to conditions like poor package which tells us just how much care and respect the manufacturers put into giving you the best experience.

  • Tank arrives packed correctly for best product quality
  • An affordable price tag that’s suitable for all budgets
  • True rimless design resulting in 91% visibility
  • Comes with a black leveling mat
  • Doesn’t come with any equipment like filters, lights or pumps
  • Doesn’t include a lid for the tank

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Once you’ve had a rimless aquarium and you see how amazing it is to be able to see all of your aquascapes and housed fish, the chances are that you’ll never use another rimmed tank again. When it comes to choosing the ones that’s right for you; any of the five tanks listed above will do you proud.

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